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Whether you are in Port Alice for business or pleasure, Marineside Suites is the answer to your accommodation needs. The community of Port Alice is a ‘best kept secret’ for those enthusiasts looking for outdoor and wildlife experiences. Nature viewing of otter, bear, whale, and bird life is at your doorstop. Kayakers, scuba divers, sailors, and charter fishing crews have easy access to the ocean launching from the local Rumble Beach Marina.   

 We look to address any accommodation needs, whether that be for corporate, small business or pleasure. We are willing to provide services unique to your needs. Ask us about both long and short term opportunities.  

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Your Home away from Home


Our OceanFront building is a totally updated, furnished 7-suite (2 bedrooms each) apartment complex that is perfect for all your rental needs. Whether you are a business looking to solve staff housing concerns, or a contractor working on a job in the area, our building has everything you need for a one night or one month rental in Port Alice. Our flexible rental terms and pricing can accommodate any party, no matter how small.

We also offer free onsite, covered parking and storage lockers for each tenant, as well as complementary on-site laundry, utilities, and wifi. All the amenities of town, including shopping and dining, are just a short walk away. The RCMP station is located just behind the property and a boat launch and marina is right across the street.

The property is ideal for itinerant workers as each suite is furnished and fully complemented with all the appliances and accoutrements of home. Cook you own meals, and enjoy your own private spacious suite in this lovely, scenic and safe harbour village.


The Historic Town of Port Alice

Port Alice boasts a long list of excellent outdoor recreation opportunities in and around the community, including fishing, boating, golfing, hiking, mountain biking and camping. The Neroutsos Inlet, part of Quatsino Sound, offers prime saltwater fishing and presents many sheltered inlets and bays that are perfect for kayaking or diving. A short distance from the village, the Marble River Campsite on Highway 30, Link River and Spruce Bay Campsites on Alice Lake, Victoria Lake and the Port Alice RV Park are among the many possibilities for freshwater fishing, camping, swimming and outdoor recreation. The Marble River Trail, located just off Highway 30, features a hiking trail to breathtaking Bear Falls.

Mountain bikers and hikers can experience the Rumble Mountain Bike Trail, offering beginner and advanced downhill and cross-country trails just behind the village. Explorers also love the unique land features such as Devil’s Bath, Disappearing River and Eternal Fountain, rare limestone formations that are part of a karst system that honeycombs the region.

Within the Village the Seawalk, a wheelchair-accessible pathway, offers visitors a chance to wander along the community coastline, have a picnic or journey to Walk-out Island at low tide. The Seawalk also provides excellent vantage points for wildlife viewing. Many species of birds, migrating salmon, orca and grey whales and Stellar sea lions all visit Neroutsos Inlet at different times throughout the year. If you are keen to get onto the water, there are fishing and wildlife viewing charters available.



It all started when…

The town was named after Alice Whalen, the founders' mother. The brothers Whalen began their construction of the mill at its present site in 1917, with first pulp produced in 1918.

The mill at Swanson Bay, on the Inside Passage farther north, was also a Whalen operation. Port Alice bears a resemblance to Port Annie, the fictional town described by Vancouver Island author Jack Hodgins in his novel The Resurrection of Joseph Bourne.

The new orchid hybrid "Port Alice" has been officially listed at London England in the Royal Horticultural Society's Book of Registered Orchid Hybrids. This slipper-type flower is the result of crossing a complex hybrid Paphiopedilum "Western Sky" with a species Paphiopedilum appletonianum.